Donations Page

I always hate having to ask for donations but without the kind and generous support of people like yourself then I would not be able to keep this site up and running. The money that people kindly give goes towards research into aspects of the instrument, and furthers our knowledge of this instrument too. It will also go towards the next recording project and by signing up for newsletters etcetera it will keep you in the loop as to new research and progress.

Not only that it keeps "Two Ravens" in wood oil for the year, which is quite a task believe me!

I am hoping that you would be interested in helping in this role and if so then just click the 'donation' button below and make a donation of any sum at all that you would like to give.   

So From "Two Ravens" and myself a big thank you and a hearty Was Hael!

Mailing & Information Contact.

If you would like to be kept up to date with new information and research when it becomes available then please send your email, and if you wish a short message, and I will keep it for when new material becomes available.