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"Mead Hall: Laments, Lays and Idyls"

£ 10.50 

An album of 13 pieces running for over an hour and written specifically highlighting, showcasing or including the Anglo Saxon Lyre. All tracks written and performed by Andy Glover-Whitley.

It is a project that is intended to highlight various aspects of the Anglo Saxon Lyre in a new and hopefully enjoyably listenable way. The CD is available directly from me or via the bandcamp site.

The digital download is available via the bandcamp site.

If you sign up as a supporter you not only help to keep "Two Ravens" in wood oil for a year but you also get a lot of other freebies and new tracks, demos and live recordings. Each month a new Anglo Saxon Riddle is recorded with the Lyre and voice and you have the chance to take part in the answer via the sites email. You can also send any questions or comments on what you hear, or if you prefer you can contact me via this site Contact Page.


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