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A Trossingen Lyre with the Kolrossing Technique of the Norse Design by the maker Michael J King. See the web link to his site below.
This page is full of external links to makers, sites of interest and general Anglo Saxon interest sites to do with the Lyre and other material. Copy the URL address and paste it in your web address browser by the https://, you know where I mean. Preferably on a New Tab page so that you don't loose your favourite website about the Anglo Saxon Lyre.
This is my own brief notes that I handed out to students at the study day for the OCA and iAM colleges. I am uncertain as to who has actually uploaded this general basic information of mine but thanks to them as it has saved me doing so.
Below is the first edition of the essay that I wrote on the "The Music and
Scopic Elements of our Anglo-Saxon Ancestors
". It is a general essay that I am intending to develop and update with new research and information in the near future. Although it does deal with the Lyre in a small way I think it may be of interest to people to look at the other instruments and other areas covered in this long essay.
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This link links to Paul Butlers information page

This is the link to Michael J Kings site and is full of information as well as examples of different Lyres that he has made and sells. Well worth a long visit.

The Saxon Lyre: History, Construction, and Playing Techniques by Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson and Thóra Sharptooth.

Michael Levy's wonderfully informative site. It deals not just with Anglo Saxon Lyres but every type of Lyre known to man. A great site, and very educational. His music is also very well worth checking out.

An interesting page about the Sutton Hoo Lyre and on making a replica model.
The sites below deal with various aspects of Anglo Saxon Life and Culture
A page that deals with Edgyth Swann-hnacce (Edith Swaneck)
This may be a childrens page but infact it holds some rather useful information.
Anglo Saxon Books
The Website of Anglo Saxon Books. A Mine of very useful and informative books and facts. Well worth searching out and through.

Ða Engliscan Gesiðas (The English Companions)

A fabulous organisation that deals with new research and information on and about the Anglo Saxon Period. They publish a quarterly magazine entitled "Wiþowinde" for its members and is a goldmine of information.
Regia Anglorum
This society recreate and try Experimental Archaeology based on the findings of academics and their own discoveries through manuscripts etcetera. They are the most well known of the recreation societies in Britain and have rebuilt a replica of an Anglo Saxon village including the great Mead Hall. Well worth a visit.
Anglo Saxon Music 600 - 1100
This is a very brief essay by a then student at Toronto University written in 2000 and was the only article available for quite a while on the subject in the public domain.
Sutton Hoo - National Trust Site
This is the site of the only Ship Burial of the 7th Century in Britain and it is believed to be the burial of King R
ædwald of the East Angle Wuffing's. It was discovered in 1939 and has since become a very important and significant site in Britain now owned and run by the National Trust.
West Stow Anglo Saxon Village
This is a replica of an Anglo Saxon village circa 8th century and is run to promote understanding  of this period as well as a site for experimental social archeological research into the period.
Benjamin Bagby
Benjamin Bagby has over the last few years not only performed as a member of the early music group Sequentia but has done more than any other to promote an understanding of how the great epic poem 'Beowulf' may well have been performed during the Anglo Saxon period. He has done this by performing the first part of the epic as a solo 'Scop' with a Lyre in his hand and a dramatic intensity that is hypnotizing. He performs it in the original Old English with almost flawless pronunciation of the West Saxon dialect. Well worth searching out the DVD of the first part that is available.
In fact if you can catch him live it is even more spellbinding.
Dr Sam Newton's "Wuffings" Site
Sam Newton is a historian who works at Sutton Hoo and is the author of some very seminal writings on the early East Anglian Saxon Kingdom and tribe of the Wuffings. His book on "The Origins of Beowulf" is a very important book on the great epic and the origins of its existence. The site is a goldmine of valuable information.
These are just a small collection of pages etcetera that may be of interest. I will update when new material becomes available or if you know of anything that may be of interest then please do email me via the contact page giving the web address.