Videos, Soundfiles and Youtube Posts

The following Videos/Youtube files I find of most interest and hopefully so will you. They include everything from the bizare to the beautiful and every other permutation to do with the Anglo Saxon Lyre. Enjoy!
Benjamin Bagby performing a section of Beowulf. Unique and brilliant.
The next two videos are of the Kravik Lyre. The second is with the now famous Einer Selvik.
This may not be an Anglo Saxon Lyre but it is in fact its Breton cousin that has metal strings. I could not resist putting this video in as it is such a beautiful one, and such a gorgeous piece.
This next one is again a foreign Lyre from France. A lovely duet.
This next video isn't anything to do with the Lyre but it is a great poem about the stand at Senlac Ridge on 14th October 1066.
If you know of any other useful soundfiles/videos that may be of interest then do please contact me via the contact page.